Causettes are Cassette Compilations for Causes. A causette also translates loosely to “tiny conversation” in French - so let there be interviews… mountains and parades of interviews of all kinds.

Our goal is to bridge gaps between independent music and philanthropy, while doubling and amplifying the contributions of our supporters by producing, licensing and distributing the work of independent visual and recording artists, in analog, collectible and whimsical formats.

Bands and Recording Artists

Arpalice - NYC (Volume 2)

Cuss - NYC (Volume 2)

Nave Nodrizas - Spain (Volume 2)

Sister Ray Gun - NYC (Volume 2)

Panel and Contributors

Jake Rat - Founder, Social Engineer

Kendra Elliot, John Connel - Illustration & Graphic Design

Jm Airis - Audio Sequencing

Angela Weiland - Interview w/ Alan Vega

Outta This World PR - Public Relations

Jon Sorensen - Digital Platforms

Non-Profit Partners

TBD - In Progress

TBD - In Progress



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Keeping It “Reel” - David Morton, Sound recording: the life story of a technology. Greenwood Publishing Group, 2004, p.161.


TBD - In Progress


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